Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

We are located in Langley, BC, Canada.

What are Bombers Bits?

They are handmade sweet iron bits anatomically shaped to make the horse more comfortable and reduce pressure points. The sweet iron helps the horse salivate, which then helps the horse relax because they are swallowing more. Bombers carries over 20,000 bits so we can ensure there is a bit for you and if one of those doesn’t work we can also order you a custom bit!

Do you do bit clinics?

Yes, we do! Please contact us to find out pricing!

I purchased a bit without a recommendation. Do I still get a 10 day trial?

Unfortunately, we are only able to do a 10 day trial if you a purchase a bit either through an online consultation or in person consultation. You may still return the bit within 10 days as long as it is unused and tags are still attached. If you want to get a 10 day trial make sure to contact us to make sure you’re choosing the right bit!

I don’t see the bit I want on your website. Do you have other bits available?

Yes, Bombers has over 20,000 bits! If you don’t see the cheekpiece and mouthpiece combination you are looking for contact us as we most likely have it!

Does Bombers do custom bits?

Yes, they do! If you are interested in ordering a custom bit please contact us!

What sizes does Bombers Bits come in?

Bombers has sizes from 90mm (3.5 inches) to 185mm (7.25 inches). Sizes go up by 5mm to ensure for the perfect fit!

How long does it take to receive my bit?

Bits that are under “In Stock Bits” will be shipped to you ASAP via expedited shipping through Canada post. Bits that are not in stock take about 6 weeks to arrive. Please be aware this may change due to unforeseen circumstances such as customs, Bombers wait time, shipping, etc. If the bit will be delayed we will contact you to let you know.

How does the 10 day trial period work?

Trials are only available if you are located within Canada. (Currently we are not able to offer bit trials if you are located in the USA)

Once you receive the bit the 10 day trial period starts. You are able to ride in the bit and use it for 10 days. Let us know within 10 days if you will be returning the bit. Ship the bit back to us on the next business day after the 10 day period and send us the tracking number. Make sure to put insurance on the bit (we are not able to refund the money if we do not receive the bit)! As soon as we receive the bit in good shape we will send you your refund. We do not cover the shipping back to us, however we do refund the original shipping cost.

*Please make sure to keep the tags and send them back to us if you return the bit.*

What size should I get for my horse?

To correctly measure your horses size take a straight bar or wooden spoon and set it in your horses mouth where the bit would sit. Once in your horses mouth mark on either side right on the outside of the horses lip crease. This will give you your horses mouth measurement. Based on this we will then go up depending on the bit.

Add millimetres depending on cheekpiece/mouthpiece:

  • Fixed cheekpiece and solid mouthpiece add 0mm

  • Loose ring cheekpiece and solid mouthpiece add 5mm

  • Fixed cheekpiece and jointed bit add 10mm

  • Loose ring cheekpiece and jointed bit add 15mm