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April 2019

I had Abby of Pegase Equestrian come out to do a bit consult for a client of mine with a lovely but complicated to bridle mare. We could not possibly be happier with the service and knowledge. Abby took all the time we needed (1.5 hours!) To find exactly the right fit for the horse. The change within my clients mare was remarkable and she improved 110% once we found her goldilocks bit. I will absolutely be having Abby come out again in the very near future to help with another horse and am excited to have the ability to book bitting consultations whenever I need them. I have been using Bombers Bits for years and can't recommend their products highly enough. The struggle has been email consultations and importing. Pegase Equestrian eliminates both these issues. Abby is knowledge, friendly and a pleasure to work with. We couldn't possibly be more pleased.

Noelle Barrett